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Lar Lubovitch
“What do you reveal about yourself in your work? What do you hold back?”

“My work isn’t focused on myself. It’s not intended to say things on a personal level. I’m more interested in taking subject matter and exploring it. No doubt I’m revealing and holding back a variety of things, but not on a conscious level. I do know, however, that I try to keep feelings of resentment from entering into my work. Art never comes from hate. I don’t’ believe it’s a source, I believe it’s an impediment. I also avoid irony. Irony in art is so highly admired, but it is just an excuse for sarcasm and cynicism. Too often people are afraid to commit to their emotions, dreams and hopes. They use irony as a defense mechanism and build a wall between themselves and their true feelings.

“What would you say is the most important lesson you’ve learned?”

“I’ve learned to be patient—patient with the process and patient with myself. I’ve learned not to take short cuts and not to do things out of fear. The only way to create that unique thing is to be patient. Quiet all your fears, own up to your true voice, take the time that it takes to create, and have trust that what you make is unique and has a place in the world.”