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Mark Rydell
“Filmmakers are our culture’s premier story tellers. Why is story telling so important in the culture of man?”

“People have been telling stories since we were first able to express ourselves. Maybe we need stories because our everyday reality is not satisfying enough. So we need to stimulate our imaginations and movies do that for us. Human beings have yearnings and desires so art especially in the form of storytelling enables us to mine our own human curiosities.”

“Do you think that when we hear stories we make comparisons and view them in relation to our own lives?'

“The first obligation of the director is to capture people’s interest, find something in the material that the audience can identify with so that they can take the journey that you’re taking them on. They need to believe they’re in it. You might give them a character---'Oh, yeah, I understand what that guy’s feeling. He’s like me.’ When that happens we drop our resistance and we’re willing to take that journey. It’s the fun of art.”