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Bill T. Jones
Dancer, Choreographer
“Does the artist have a responsibility to serve anyone or anything beyond the self?”

“The artist should be the freest individual in our society,” he said. “He should set an agenda for personal liberty and intellectual investigation. The artist should do what he feels he must and be as free as he dares to be. He should thumb his nose at all dogma, even his own. Artists are often full of self-deception and personal obsession, so a good dose of humility and serious self-appraisal is important. I would like my work to encourage people to live more freely in their bodies and explore the continent of their imagination.”

“How do you explain passion?”

“You can’t explain some things. How do you explain a dream or your love for another human being? You can talk about what it feels like. You can talk about intention. And you can talk about the commonality you have as human beings. That’s probably the most honest thing you can do.”

“How do you know if your work makes a difference?”

“I don’t. We’re never really sure if we are moving forward, sideways, or backwards. Everything is moving, so we don’t know about progress if we are moving in relation to something else. You will never know if what you do is valid. You will never know the truth about anything. You will only know the doing.”