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Natalia Makarova
Ballet Dancer
“What defines a true artist?”

“Artists are attuned to and trust their instincts. Decisions that I made in my life may have looked random to others, but I was listening to the voice inside my body.

“Did you recognize that you had talent?”

“As a child I didn’t really understand my gift, but I had within me the desire to express myself. Had I not seen that sign for ballet classes on Rossi Street, I might have become a painter or an artist of some kind. If you have depth and something to say, it will find a way to surface.”

“How can dancers increase their emotional and spiritual range?”

“To be a great artist you must have an internal vision. From which source you take it, doesn’t matter: art, literature, music. For me, it has always been painting—art. Art gives me nourishment—depth and spirituality. If you have nothing inside, how can you touch people’s hearts? And if you dance with muscles alone, then you are not an artist.”