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Paul Mazursky
Actor, Director, Producer
“You tell human stories.”

“Well, yes this is true. But there is very little conscious thought on my part that I’m doing that. I never start out saying, ‘I’m going to tell universal stories.’ I just see things and say, ‘That’s a movie!’ What I’m hoping is that people will be entertained. Every movie I’ve made has had its own reason for being made. When I wrote Bob & Carol…I got the idea from an article I read in Time Magazine about the Gestalt therapist, Fritz Perls who went to Esalin. He was pictured sitting in a hot tub with four or five other people, all of them naked. So I said to Betsy let’s go there maybe there’s a movie in it. So we drove up there and spent forty-eight hours in some emotional marathon thing. Betsy started to cry and out of that I wrote the first pages of the script. I showed what I had written to my writing partner and together we wrote the rest of the film. It was all made up, but using one’s fantasies, one’s internal stuff about marriage. I’ve made a lot of movies about marriage. It must be an obsession of mine. Betsy and I have been married fifty-seven years.”

“How about being artistically fulfilled?”

“I never considered myself a great artist-- 'I MUST do this!' I don’t think in those terms because I find it pretentious. I don’t think Michelangelo was lying on his back painting the Sistine Chapell and saying, “I’m being artistic!” He was saying, “My back hurts.”