Rose Eichenbaum's exhibitions are comprised of work from her many years as a photojournalist and personal projects. Rose's photographs reflect her committment to preserve the memory and achievements of legendary artists within our popular culture. Her shows are both arful and educational in content and scope-- accompanied by insightful and inspirational quotes making her presentations informative and memorable.

Exhibitons Currently Available:

From the Wings
A unique collection of live-dance performance photographs of more than forty world-class dance companies and solo artists shot from the rare and magical vantage point at the side of the stage as well as from the house. Rose's lens brings the viewer inside dancer's uniquely personal experience to capture the essence of theatrical dance.

The Choreographers
Intimate portraits drawn from Rose's six-year journey chronicling America's most influential and celebrated dance choreographers. Each of the images is captioned with a quote drawn from her face-to-face interviews creating an historical, inspirational and educational resource on the art of dance making..

The Dancers
Candid portraits of many of our most beloved dancers of stage and screen --from ballet to hip hop with captioned poetic quotes from Rose' s critically acclaimed book, The Dancer Within--Intimate Conversations With Great Dancers.

Actors and Directors
Intimate portraits of popular stage and screen actors and directors accompanied by poignant sound bites on theatrical and cinematic storytelling. This exhibition is comprised of photographs and quotes from Rose's recent exploration on acting and directing.--The Actor Within-Conversations With Great Actors and The Director Within.-Storytellers of Stage and Screen.

Please contact Rose for specific content, fees and scheduling availability.

Past Exhibitions:

Center of Creative Arts, St Louis,
Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival,
Smithsonian Institutions Traveling Exhibitions
Ypsilanti Distict Library, MI
Chattanoga African American Museum,
Olgebay Institute, WV
Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, KS
Drexel University, PA
Del Rio Council for Performing Arts, TX
Rozsa Center for Performing Arts, MI
Technological University, MI
Red Cloud Opera House, NE
Sunrise Civic Center, FL
National Museum of Dance, NY
Center of Creative Arts, MO
Naples Museum of Art, FL